Drive-Through Voting Should Be Allowed In The 2020 Election

To say this has been a strange election cycle would be an understatement. Given the tensions between left and right in America it was bound to be tense. But now with the novel coronavirus things have just gotten weird.

Most people don’t want to have to wait in line for hours on Election Day to place their vote. That’s just common sense. Waiting outside while surrounded by strangers is putting yourself more at risk for contracting the coronavirus. And nobody wants that.

At first early voting helped mitigate against this. A month ago there weren’t many people waiting in line so you could just pop by and place your vote. But as the election has drawn closer more and more people have come out for early voting. That has made voting before election day just as dangerous as voting on the day of.

Harris County, Texas, found a way around this. They began allowing people to vote early through drive in centers. While you are in line you wait in your car. Then when it’s your turn you pull up, just put your window down a bit and hand over your vote.

Since the polling workers are wearing a mask and you should be too this is the lowest level of risk possible when it comes to early voting.

But for the nearly 127,000 people who did so at drive-thru polling places instead of in traditional indoor sites, many are now watching with fear as a wealthy conservative activist, a Republican state representative and two GOP candidates aim to throw out their ballots at the last minute according to the Texas Tribune. In the state’s most populous — and largely Democratic — county, drive-thru voters are left anxiously awaiting court decisions before Election Day on Tuesday that could force them to go back to the polls. Likely many more are unaware of their votes’ potential demise. 

We find this objection to be horrible. There is no difference – except one of safety – between voting while waiting outside in line and voting while waiting in your car. It’s just a matter of trying to protect the public health.

What’s worse is the fact that it is right wing people trying to suppress this vote in a traditionally liberal county. They are just doing what they can to drive down voters coming in for Biden. That should not stand.

Whether you are a conservative, a democrat or a progressive your vote should be counted. That’s simply the American way. If you suppress drive through votes, what’s to stop them from canceling the entire early voting process.

With this virus millions of American lives are at risk. With that in mind anything that makes voting a little bit safer should be embraced. This should not be a partisan issue. It’s simply one of safety, health and fairness.

Imagine how conservatives would react if Democrats were suing to invalidate their votes. They’d been pretty angry. And that’s something that the Republican activists should think about.

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